Radioddity GD-77: This is a wonderfull DMR radio for a fantastic price!

I ordered this radio as soon as it became available without any expectations. The price was so low that I did not expect much. Also as I already had a RT-82 I did not really need it, I was just thinking if the radio works it would be a nice dual-band spare radio. Boy, was this radio a surprise! Its a real dual-band radio, a real Tier-II radio, it performs really well (good receive performance, even with the stock radio), it is a lot lighter and slimmer than the RT82, even thinner than the MD380. Also I like the display of the GD77 better than the flashy display on the RT82. And the GD77 doesn’t have a stupid track-ball 😉 The GD77 has a decent Promiscuous Mode in the current firmware (just enable the monitor function). The great thing is that Radioddity is constantly improving the firmware and the CPS software, so you’ll get pretty regular updates (you can find all this documented on the Radioddity Facebook groups).
The only downside today of the GD77 compared to a RT82 or another DMR Radio with experimental firmware is that the GD77 cannot store the full DMR database (user.csv).
But.. today the GD77 is the radio I use most of the time and I’m ordering a second GD77 soon.

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